मीडिया Now - Defeating BJP is not just a political decision

Defeating BJP is not just a political decision

medianow 02-05-2021 14:42:45

Dhruv Rathee / Defeating BJP is not just a political decision, it's a lifestyle choice for all Indians. In its most regressive form, their ideology will forcefully dictate what you eat, what you wear, who you want to marry, what you can watch on TV, what traditions you can follow and even the fact that who can be citizens of the country. They will manipulate history, science and data to fit their own thoughts and this leads to disastrous consequences as we are seeing with COVID. It will affect your education, your profession, your culture and eventually India's development directly or indirectly. 

Some of these aspects can already be seen in most BJP ruled states today but the most regressive form is probably being spread in Uttar Pradesh. Unfortunately, the most regressive form will eventually overpower others sooner or later. Historically, this is what has happened with regressive ideologies. This is why this vote is such an important decision.



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